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15th of September, 2023

What is a trim ? What to expect from a trim service by a hairdresser ?

In hairstyling, a "trim" refers to the process of cutting a small amount of hair from the ends to maintain the current hairstyle's shape and manage split ends. The primary purpose of a trim is to keep the hair looking neat, healthy and well-groomed without making a significant change to the overall length or style.

The purpose of having a trim once in a while

The most common goal of a trim is Length Maintenance: The hairstylist will typically trim off only the very tips of the hair, removing around half an inch, split ends if any or damaged hair. It's a minimal cut designed to keep the hair looking fresh.

Light trim by a hairstylist

Preserve the shape of the hairstyle is the second likely reason to get a trim. A trim helps maintain the hairstyle's shape and structure. For example, it can keep layers or bangs looking defined and prevent the hair from becoming uneven or ragged.

Split End Prevention and healthy hair : Regular trims can help prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft, which can lead to further damage and the need for more significant cuts in the future.

Obviously the doesn't grow at the same pace for everybody, but one can assume on average it grows of about half an inch per month. So the frequency of trims might vary from person to person, depending on factors such as hair type, growth rate, and styling habits. But most people will need a trim every 4 to 8 weeks.

it's important to communicate with your hairstylist about the specific amount you want to trim and any changes you'd like in your hairstyle.

Every stylist has their own definition of a trim, so whatever you expect from a trim, it's important to communicate with your hairstylist about the specific amount you want to trim and any changes you'd like in your hairstyle. If you're looking for a more substantial change in length or style, you should discuss this with your stylist to ensure they understand your preferences.

What you can expect from a trim service at home ?

When you book a trim with a mobile hairstylist on DashStylists, you can expect a similar level of service and quality as you would from a salon visit, with the added convenience of having the stylist come to your location.

Usually the beautician will begin the appointment with a consultation. They will discuss your preferences, the type of trim you want, and any specific style or length adjustments you have in mind.

The hairstylist will proceed with the trim, carefully cutting the hair to your desired length and style. They will work to ensure the trim is even and suits your preferences. Usually the stylist will remover between a half inch and an inch. You shouldn't expect more than 2 inches.

hairstylist precision picture of a trim

Wash and blow out : unless otherwise detailed in the service of the stylist, shampoo and style are not included in a trim service. The trim is supposed to be a quick and affordable service to maintain the hairstyle you got the last time you had a full haircut and style service.

Obviously the primary advantages of hiring a mobile hairstylist is the convenience of having the stylist come to your home, office, or another preferred location. This eliminates the need for you to travel to a salon, saving you time and effort.

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