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10th of October, 2021

DashStylists brings the beauty services in your building

Bring a different service to your residents / members and gain an additional stream of income

Offer your residents more than the other communities or buildings around : a SPA experience at home

We bring the beauty services in your building / facility : in a dedicated space or in their apartments

A unique and safe service for your residents

A new stream of revenue : we share the revenues with you 50%-50% (unless you plan to offer this treat to your residents)

On-site beauty services for condo building

A professional service for your residents 

We hand pick together the beauty pro(s) that will service your residents / members

We define together the best time slot(s) every week for your residents / members

Your residents book through your concierge team or through the app/website 

We work only with local / licensed master cosmetologists and master barbers

On site services in condo complex

A seamless organization for you

We take care of everything ! But you are always in control 

The services are usually paid by the member / tenant, but payment options are very flexible

We have serviced more than 500 customers in Atlanta area this year

You can rely on a seasoned executive team available 7days a week

Hair services in office building 

History and references

In 2020 we started servicing individuals in Atlanta, we have serviced more than 1000 customers thus far.

About two months ago we started offering our services to property management companies, corporate offices and aging care facilities.

We already work with several aging care facilities, apartment buildings and working spaces.

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