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How often should you cut or trim your hair?

One of the most frequently asked questions to stylists is “ How often should I be getting a trim?” and or “ when will I know it is time for a haircut?” Besides that lingering feeling of wanting change or a fresh new look a few things will determine its time for a trim. So mostly it should be based on the shape of your hair : 

Split ends

Hair Split Ends example
Hair Split Ends example

A clear sign that it may be time for a trim or cut is seeing split ends. Split ends refers to the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft. You can tell if you have split ends by checking if the ends of your hair appear see through, thin or frail compared to the rest of the strand.  Using moisturizing treatments or conditioners may help with the appearance and some strengthening but will not totally repair split ends.The only sure way to rid them is trimming or cutting your hair. Getting a trim or cut every 6-8weeks will keep ends fresh and prevent further breakage. Once you notice you may have split ends, getting a trim as soon as possible is best. If left untrimmed hair can continue to break up the shaft causing more damage resulting in needed to cut off more hair than you may have planned to. Staying on top of your trims is best for healthy hair growth.

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Heat damage and Damage from hair color


Another sign that it may time for a trim or cut is hair damage. Damage can be caused by hair coloring or bleaching, It can also be caused by heat damage from excessive use of hot tools. Bleaching and other coloring techniques often strip the hair making it weaker and more prone to damage. When coloring you hair you may need to get trims more often to stay on top of splitting ends and color damage. Talk with your stylist about routine maintenance if thinking about getting hair color or if you already have. Using hot tools such as flatirons and curlers at very high temperatures often can damage the hair as well. Split ends, breakage and overly dry or brittle hair can be signs of heat damage. In addition to regular trims some treatments and use of heat protectors can help minimize the heat damage and protect the hair. If your hair seems to tangle a lot more than usual or detangling is taking  a lot longer you may have some damage.

Hair damage example
Hair damage example

Whether you are just ready for a change, have some breakage or just want to maintain and grow health hair staying on top of trims is very important as well as cutting off whatever damage needs to be. Best option is to consult an experienced stylist and don’t be afraid to cut a little more off remember hair always grows back. Find on this page all the details to have your home haircut by a licensed mobile hair stylist traveling to you.

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