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COVID-19 SAFETY Protocols & Gear

Probably the safest way to have your hair cut and styled : book a mobile hairdresser who comes to your house

COVID-19 spreading in hair salons is considered a medium to high risk activity by many experts now

Dr. Andrew Janowski (pediatric infectious diseases expert at Washington University) and Dr. Abraar Karan (physician and public health researcher at Harvard Medical School) considers "Getting a haircut in a hair salon is a medium to high risk activity" (NPR - 05/23/2020)

Dr. Susan Hassig (associate professor of epidemiology at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans) estimates "Going to Hair Salon is considered as a Medium Risk activity", like going to the restaurant indoors (Business Insider - 05/20/2020)

So to face COVID-19 challenges and to address your concerns, we have adopted "next level" safety measures, that go far beyond what any other mobile beauty organization has ever proposed :

THE MOST PROTECTIVE GEAR : mobile hairstylists and barbers will wear the most protective gear in the industry : plastic head cover, face mask, disposable gloves, gown and shoe covers. 

BARBICIDE COVID-19 CERTIFICATION : Hairstylists are required to be certified in Barbicide COVID-19 protocols. this new requirement provides confidence in knowing that stylists are following the latest and highest standards of sanitation and disinfection,

SERVICE OUTSIDE : whenever possible your hair will be done outside (deck, balcony, backyard …)

COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY PROTOCOLS : on top of these major points, we have implemented new guidelines and requirements for both Stylists and Clients :

  • Before the appointment stylists will evaluate health and not work if having any flu like symptoms, as well daily temperature checks before each appointment, this goes for the clients as well.
  • Stylists will wash/sanitize hands before and after service, we ask that clients do the same.
  • All products and tools will be sanitized using proper sanitation techniques before and after each appointment.

For the detailed safety processes that hairdressers and barbers using DashStylists should respect :

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