Hair Services at home for Senior Citizens

With this health crisis, senior citizens mustn’t lower their guard. Mobile barbering / hairstyling is a relevant method with less risk of interaction and contact with infected persons, that protects customers and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Senior hair service at home example

In many locations, senior citizens have to remain isolated from the general population. Among other option, an emerging one is having their hair done by a hairdresser in the comfort of their residence. In-home hair salon or a stylist on wheels has become the trend for those who want a haircut without leaving home safety and comfort.

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Having a mobile stylist traveling to your place is practical it is not frivolous

It might sound frivolous to bother about beauty services regarding the global situation, but it is certainly very important for those who have difficulty moving and for individuals in self-isolation.

mobile hairdresser styling home bound senior

If your favorite hairstylist or barber is willing to go mobile, that is great option since you still get to have your preferred styles (shear, clipping , blowout) from someone you are familiar with and with a great level of safety.

But most hairstylists or barbers don’t want to come to customers, mostly because they work in a salon.
That is why we created DashStylists, to make mobile hairstyling more popular and affordable. All the available at-home barbers and hairstylists regrouped on the same website, so you can pick the best fit for you.

Beauty services are also i

mportant for your mental health

Happy senior booking hairdresser online

And one can argue that a good haircut boosts your confidence, your ego, your mood. And these are important matters to make it trough these difficult times, especially if you don’t have a lot of opportunities to go outside or if your social interactions are

 limited. Nowadays one must take every bit of satisfaction wherever it comes from.

Find a mobile hairstylist or a mobile barber near you >>>


Book a beauty pro coming to your house or your aging care facility

Scheduling is super easy, you go on the website, browse the stylists available in your area, select the one you prefer, pick the time slot in their calendar and confirm the booking.
mobile barber with maskThe stylist will come to your place with their equipment. If you insist they might utilize yours, but we really don’t recommend that, they completely sanitize shears, scissors, clippings, combs before each service.
They just require is some small working area, that we strongly recommend to be outside. 

Now it is up to you, these hair services are only limited by imagination.  From styles that require light equipment, a light trim to a full hairdo, hair conditioning, washing, flat ironing … Your call.

2020 has definitely changed the conventional model of all business operations, and indeed, haircutting and hairstyling have also been affected. As a lot of people remain locked down, everybody has been left with grooming at home by themselves or by some unexperienced hands of their relatives … or doing nothing.

Now you have another option !

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