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23rd of September, 2023

Among emerging services to make your everyday like easier, DashStylists is proud to make more and more accessible at-home hair services, by a mobile hairdresser. In the comfort of your home. In-home hair salon, or a “stylist on wheels", will hopefully become a trend for those who want a haircut without leaving home safety and comfort.

Hair Services at Home for Seniors

Hairstylist and Senior

Why go to the salon, when the hairstylist (or the barber) would come to you ?

Having your barber or your hairstylist traveling to you is not only for celebrities anymore! There is nothing frivolous, luxurious or cost-prohibitive about enjoying at-home beauty services.

Everyone, young or old, needs hair care from time to time. Social distancing and other Covid-19 regulations have affected the conventional beauty services. However, innovative hairstylists have come up with mobile beauty services where they attend to you in the comfort of your home, for example at home haircut for senior citizens or disabled persons who require personal care services while observing safety measures. A stylist coming to you not only provides work opportunities for them but also ensures that you get these services not 100% essentiel but still important, wherever and whenever you need.

Now you can have your preferred beautician in the comfort of your home affordably. DashStylists was created to bring mobile hairstyling to you. Our at-home barbers and at-home hairstylists are listed on a single website, so you can pick a stylist who is the best match for you.

>> Take a look at the at-home hairstylists and at-home barbers near you right now !

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How it works : as easy as ordering a pizza

While hairstyling may be a work of art, booking a mobile stylist is no more complicated than ordering a pizza:

  1. Enter your address to view the mobile stylists around you.
  2. Browse the profiles of the barbers and hairstylists to find the ones who offer the specific services you need, and compare prices.
  3. Select the mobile stylist that you prefer; select the service you want that stylist to provide.
  4. Pick a date and a time in the hairdresser's schedule (these are real-time schedules).
  5. Specify any details the stylist should take into account when she/he comes.
  6. Once the appointment is confirmed, just relax!
  7. On the day of your appointment, check whether you will need to have your hair washed (and wet) right before the appointment (it is indicated in the description of the service you booked. You can see it in your account at
  8. The mobile stylist will show up at your doorstep with all the equipment needed to pamper you.
  9. Enjoy!

Why not take a look at the at-home hairstylists and at-home barbers near you right now ?

It is safe and strictly regulated

Every state in the US requires barbers and hairstylists to be licensed and to graduate from a beauty school. Other details regarding hair services regulation may vary from one state to another, but you cannot practice cosmetology without a license.

So, every stylist listed on DashStylists has been reviewed by our team and they all are licensed by the state where they work.

DashStylists is endorsed by the Atlanta Regional Commission Aging Division and is recognized as a trusted service provider.

In Atlanta area alone, DashStylists has served more than 1500 customers so far. Join them! Then review your mobile hairstylist or barber after your service to help other clients choose stylists that are right for them.

On-site hairstylist in an aging care facility

There is no reason a hairdresser traveling to you should be more expensive than going to the salon

While DashStylists' mobile stylists set their own prices, they are no more expensive than a salon.

The reasons are simple:

  • Hair salons and barbershops invest a lot of money to make sure you feel comfortable when you visit them.
  • Consequently, they must cover significant overhead expenses to run their businesses.
  • Mobile stylists' main expenses are their cars, the gas, and the time they spend driving to and from their customers. As you can imagine, those costs are considerably lower.

So there is no reason for you to pay extravagant premiums to have them come to you.

You can look at the at-home hairstylists and barbers near you right now!

You can look at the at-home hairstylists and at-home barbers near you right now !

Mobile hair stylists are a great option for seniors aging in place or living in a senior living community

Whether old or young, everyone enjoys looking their best. However, people facing mobility challenges often have difficulties getting their hair or beard trimmed as often as they would like. Our professional mobile barbers and stylists attend to seniors in the comfort of their homes.

Besides the convenience that pro beauticians provide for seniors, our mobile stylists specialize in diverse needs common to older adults, such as a thinning hair, blocked hairlines or balding. Getting the right hairstyle for you is not only refreshing, but it also boosts confidence. After all, who doesn't want to look their best?

Whether it's women requiring perm or blow dry services or men wanting simple buzz cuts in the comfort of their own homes, traveling hairstylists are just a call away. Not only are they equipped with the right tools and experience, they make every grooming session enjoyable. All they need is a small area where they work that is well aerated. And they will clean your place after they are done with their craft!

And it's a "stress reliever" for some of us

In this time and age where unwinding is a challenge, sitting down and waiting for at home grooming services is easier and better than beating traffic to visit the conventional grooming facilities and wait in the salon or in your car in the parking lot. Professional mobile services may include a scalp massage, promote blood circulation and leaves you even more relaxed.

The whole process is super easy

Go to the DashStylists website, browse the stylists available in your area, and select the one you prefer. Pick the time slot in their calendar, and confirm the booking. The stylist will come to you with their equipment. They completely sanitize shears, scissors, clippings, combs before each service.

Choose from any style that requires light equipment: a light trim to a full hairdo, hair conditioning, washing, flat ironing. It's your call.

You can check out the at-home hairstylists and barbers near you now!

Why don't your take a look at the at-home hairstylists and at-home barbers near you ?

Senior living community group of people

Beauty services are important for everybody

Beauty services enhance personal confidence and boost your mood

Especially with at home mobile hair services where the stylists prepare for personalized services, it goes a long way to cheer the clients up. Besides, the mobile stylists do their work with lots of care, kindness and compassion thus embracing the senior citizens and disabled persons. Being in your home helps to build a special relationship with the stylist.

It's even therapeutic in it's own way

Besides grooming, at home hair services can help build a relationship with your stylist, which can create friendship or a sort or a nice relationship. This is essential for your physical, emotion and social well-being. The one or two-hour session can provide an opportunity to speak out personal struggles and help release stress, which is usually not possible in the crowded traditional salon set-up.

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If you are an Executive Director or Activities Director in a Senior Living Community, check what we can do for your senior residents

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