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7th of November, 2023

How much to tip a hairstylist or a barber ?

Tipping beauty professionals can be a confusing process. "Do I tip this person and how much?", "Do I tip differently if the barber comes to my house?"are common questions you've no doubt asked yourself as your appointment draws to a close. But what if you're less than happy with your experience? To answer your questions, we've put together this simple guide:

What's standard as far as tipping?

Generally speaking, you should plan on an extra 20 percent for all beauty services, from haircuts and hair coloring to nail services, massages and waxing. Beauty professionals rely on tips as a substantial part of their income. Barbers are no different, so a 20 percent tip is standard for them as well.

What if I'm not happy with my service?

If you've had an especially bad experience, be sure to let management know, and be specific about what went wrong. This way, they'll have an opportunity to address the issue and make improvements. As far as tipping, you certainly don't need to tip the standard 20 percent if you're unhappy with your service, but you should tip something rather than nothing. A 10 percent tip, for example, will still make your point without completely stiffing the person who provided you the service. Conversely, if you were particularly pleased with the service you received, feel free to tip a bit more.

Tipping for discounted services

Remember that just because you're receiving the service at a discounted price, it doesn't mean that the person performing the service should get paid less. Be sure to base your standard 20 percent tip on what the service would cost at full price. Additionally, if you're receiving the service as a gift, don't assume that the person giving the gift has paid the gratuity.

Bottom line, it's important to take care of the people who are taking care of you. Mobile barbers and stylists appreciate the extra recognition of a generous tip, and it goes a long way towards building mutually beneficial relationships.

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