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The Dash Team

Probably, who we are is less important than what we do, but if some of you really want to know  ...

Gabrielle is a brilliant hair stylist and cosmetologist, she is the go-to person for all the stylists who sign up for the marketplace

Thomas, the technical Ksar, +20 years of experience developing websites, internet platforms, marketplaces and such 

Monica is my favorite web designer, we have been working together for so many years that I couldn't say it without being rude ;-)

Oliver is our marketing guru, with a ton of experience ... to tell you the truth : he started working on SEO before it was called SEO ! 

Last but not least I hope : me, Pierre, 45, married, father of 2 boys and French. DashStylists is my third Internet venture. I truly hope this one will go as well as the previous ones and more importantly : I really hope you will enjoy the services we provide.

DashStylists is a proud 100% made in ATLANTA company !

Started in July 2020


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