What we do at DashStylists.com

Clients, Hairstylists at your door

Dashstylists is a marketplace that connects local licensed barbers and hairstylists to customers who need or prefer hair services at home : busy professionals, parents of toddlers, seniors, disabled persons …
It provides conveniency to customers and it helps hairstylists to make more money on their own schedule.
It's salon quality work in your living room !

Stylists and Barbers, it's more business on you own terms

You cut and style hair your way :  you list only the services you want to perform & you choose your prices

When and where you want : you define your availabilities and schedule, you define the area you want to work in

You keep most of the revenue : the platform fee is shared by the customer and the hairdresser, so the hairdresser can keep most of the revenue and 100% of the tip

DashStylists is a proud 100% made in ATLANTA company

All stylists with DashStylists are licensed by the state of Georgia and hand-selected within the local market to provide a diverse set of skills and a wide variety of salon services.

For now, we connect you only with hair stylists in Atlanta and surrounding areas

At Dashstylists, we promote mobile styling because it is useful, not because it is glamorous !