It is safer to have your hair cut outdoor these days

Many salons and stylists have been forced to close their doors in March under the stay-at-home order. Many states allowed re-opening in April/May just to be closed again recently in July due to spikes in Covid-19 cases. Stylists are worried and fed-up not knowing when or for how long they will be able to work or provide a safe environment for clients. Clients are also concerned with their safety at indoor salons because of the rise in coronavirus cases. Several stylists have decided to start doing haircuts outside. Offering outside haircuts is a way to bring back at least some clients to help pay the bills.

Health officials have stated that being outdoors and in open air while still abiding by safety measures can be  a much safer option to being indoors. Both clients and stylists can feel better about not being in closed quarters inside where the spread of germs may be prevalent and  feel more confident performing hair services in an outdoor environment. Fortunately we are in the warm months and the weather has been making it an easy transition to service customers in outdoor areas. Getting a haircut outside will work very similar to indoors. The stylist will set up a chair and somewhere for all styling tools to go and perform the service, pretty easy. Color and chemical services can not be performed outside for obvious reasons being water, wash bowls and other things are needed.

With these ever changing times and uncertainty people are needing to come up with creative ideas and solutions. If you haven’t ever gotten your haircut outside now is a great time to try it.