Have your haircut or hairstyle at home in Jacksonville (FL)

Need a haircut or hairstyle at home in Jacksonville area ?

If you can't or don't want to go to the salon because of health concerns or because your moving abilities are limited, you should definitely consider having  a licensed hairstylist or barber come to your house.

A mobile stylist (barber or hair stylist) is a regular stylist that is travelling to you instead of doing your hair at a salon. They are fully licensed by the state of Florida and the carry the same equipement. Their only specificity is they come to you because you can't go to a salon.

How do they work 

Most mobile stylists just carry their equipment with them in their car and they provide services such as haircuts, blow out, hair coloring and hair styling inside the customer’s home.

But there are also stylists who have converted a van or trailer into a mobile salon with a chair and the same equipement as in a salon, and customers come inside to receive their services.

Mobile hairstylists and Mobile barbers listed in Jacksonville and North Florida

Let us introduce you to some of our stylists in Charlotte :

Annalisha > https://www.dash-stylists.com/en/listing/annalisha-1808562887/show

Nertila > https://www.dash-stylists.com/en/listing/nertila-m-357874564/show

Corey > https://www.dash-stylists.com/en/listing/corey-h-1010661395/show



Benefits of using at-home stylists

Obviously it is convenient, but at DashStylists we also believe that at-home haircuts should be affordable. Considering the stylist doesnt have to carry all the overhead expenses of a physical shop, the prices should reflect this.