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Book a mobile hair service near you

At DashStylists, we promote mobile styling because it is useful, not because it is glamorous !

Clients, now the hairstylist travels to you

DashStylists is a marketplace that connects local licensed barbers and hairstylists to customers who need or prefer hair services at home : busy professionals, parents of toddlers, seniors, homebound people …
It provides convenience to customers and it helps hairstylists to make more money on their own schedule.
It's salon quality work in your living room !
In a few words, you should test having our hair cut at home.

Stylists and Barbers, it's more business on you own terms

You cut and style hair your way : you list only the services you want to perform & you choose your prices.
When and where you want : you define your availabilities and schedule, you define the area you want to work in
You keep most of the revenue : the platform fee is shared by the customer and the hairdresser, so the hairdresser can keep most of the revenue and 100% of the tip
Want a better perspective on what is a mobile barber ?

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